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EDMONTON: How did it happen?

HOW DID IT HAPPEN? By GRAHAM HICKS How did it happen on May 29, 2023? How could an entire city vote for the opposition in a provincial election? How could an entire ALBERTA city, one-third of the province’s population, elect 20  New Democrat socialists into the provincial legislature? One hundred per cent New Democrat! Not a sliver of blue to be seen in an ocean of orange. I mean, this is ALBERTA – the Texas of Canada, capitalist to its very bones, Canada’s conservative bedrock! The rest of the province stayed true to form -  rural Alberta went 100 per cent to the right, to the governing United Conservative Party.  Calgary was a battleground between UCP and New Democrats, but the UCP won over half of Calgary’s seats, Outlier Edmonton sent a wave of  labour organizers, teachers, social workers and nurses to the provincial legislature – Not a single one of them will sit at the cabinet table, or even in the governing party caucus.  Edmonton 100% re ... Read the rest of entry »