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Mack Male and Graham Hicks team up on a new weekly podcast "Mack & Cheese"

This is quite exciting, as in teaching this old dog new tricks. Mack Male and I have kicked off a weekly podcast, "Mack & Cheese." You can listen to the introductory episode at http://www.mackandcheese.ca/2013/02/02/episode-1-introduction/ (For you even older dogs, a "podcast" is like a discussion/interview/conversation on talk radio, except you can listen to it at any time, from any computer. Just go to the website and click on the appropriate button.) I'm intrigued by where Mack & Cheese is going to go. I've always said that Mack's Mastermaq blog is today's "Hicks on Six", that Mack is equally intrigued, enthusiastic and concerned about all things Edmontonian as I was over the 20 years I wrote the five-times-a-week column for The Edmonton Sun. In fact, I pitched Sun Publisher John Caputo on the idea of Mack replacing me at The Sun when I retired as a full-time columnist at the end of 2010, three weeks after my 60th birthday. (I still think Mack should be writing in "my" newsp ... Read the rest of entry »