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Edmonton isn't getting the credit it deserves - Hicks on Biz column from The Edmonton Sun, originally posted Friday, Feb. 24, 2012

By Graham Hicks ,Edmonton Sun First posted: Friday, February 24, 2012 05:10 PM MST | Updated: Friday, February 24, 2012 05:13 PM MST I’m sick and tired of Edmonton being Canada’s forgotten city. Every time, on every national newscast, it’s about Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Where’s Edmonton in the national consciousness? Where’s our hustle and bustle? Welcome to Hicks on Biz, the new weekly Edmonton Sun business column with one overriding objective — to let you, and the rest of the world, know that Edmonton is the most dynamic, fastest growing, best-quality-of-life, best-positioned-for-the-future city in Canada. And, if any of our cylinders aren’t firing as they should, constructive commentary will be offered to stay on course. We’ll do this mainly through looking at Edmonton’s economy in cold, hard numbers. Numbers can be manipulated, but they don’t lie. Nothing makes the case for prosperity like the number of jobs, amount ... Read the rest of entry »

Speech to the Northern Alberta Insurance Institute of Canada: "What's In It For You": Nov. 17, 2009

Speech to the Northern Alberta Insurance Institute of Canada, for Nov. 17 commencement exercises, at the Shaw Conference Centre. "Community Involvement: What's in it for you." Thank you so much for this opportunity to be your keynote speaker. It's a pleasure and a privilege to congratulate the latest graduating class of the Northern Alberta Insurance Institute of Canada, adding more letters after their names! My name is Graham Hicks. As a five times a week columnist in the Edmonton Sun, I really have no area of expertise. As a journalist I am one of the last generalists. I know a little about a lot, not a great deal about anything, especially insurance! An inch deep, and a mile wide. But I have had the immense privilege of being paid, for the last 30 years, to be an observer of Edmonton and Edmontonians. And I'd like to think I've gained a few insights into how this town works, what makes it tick. And maybe, just maybe, I can persuade you of the self-interest in my cause. It's my goal to have half of ... Read the rest of entry »
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